Saudi father gifted Dh3.3 million for pardoning son’s killer

A large Saudi tribe gave presents worth more than Dh3 million to a local man for pardoning the killer of his son following mediation efforts by tribal leaders.

Mohsen bin Hadeed Al Mukati went to court in the western Saudi town of Taif and pardoned the killer of his son without demanding diya (blood money), prompting the judge to abolish a death sentence against the killer, a relative of the victim.

Al Mukati agreed to pardon the defendant, who killed his son during a fight several years ago, following mediation efforts of more than a year by some tribal chiefs and dignitaries to persuade him to drop the case.

“The tribe then staged a big party to honour Al Mukati for his gesture that saved the life of the defendant…during the party, tribal chiefs gave him presents worth nearly SR3.3 million (Dh3.25 million) in addition to a Jeep 2013,” Sabq daily said.

Under Islamic law, which is strictly enforced in conservative Saudi Arabia, a convicted killer can escape execution and walk free in most cases if pardoned by the victim’s relatives in return for blood money. (Emirates 24/7)


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