Iran: Executions and amputations rise sharply under hassan Rouhani

march 5, 2014

The international community must act to halt the steep rise in public executions, amputations and other barbaric punishments being carried out under the clerical regime’s president Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian Resistance has demanded.

The call comes after the regimes’ Supreme Court approved a sentence to blind and cut off the ear and nose of a prisoner named as Jamshid in Tehran on March 3, state-run Sharq daily reported.

The verdict also coincides with shocking footage of the execution of a 26-year-old man in the city of Karaj which has been posted on the internet, which shows the hangmen depriving the condemned man of seeing his mother present at the scene.

When the man struggles to break free, the executioners beat him to the ground and hang him in scenes which have triggered anger at the regime’s brutality.

The state-run Mehr news agency affiliated to the Ministry of Intelligence said the video had raised hatred against the hanging.

Mehr wrote: “Following the hanging, the expression of anger by social network users went so far that some claimed those executed were innocent.”

Three other 26-year olds were also executed in public at three other locations in the city of Karaj in recent days.

The rise in executions and medieval punishments is being seen by many as the regime’s attempt to create an atmosphere of terror to quell any chance of an uprising.

The Iranian Resistance has stated that ignoring these atrocities is a betrayal of human rights in the 21st century and calls for the referral of the crimes by Iran’s ruling mullahs to the UN Security Council. Silence by the international community in face of these crimes under the pretext of nuclear negotiations tarnishes the image of mankind, the Resistance said.

(Source: NCRI)


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