Death penalty for murder; treason; armed robbery

Ghana – Mahama frees 900 prisoners; 14 on death row sentence reduced

June 30, 2015

President John Mahama has freed some 900 prisoners ahead of tomorrow’s Republic Day holiday.

Tomorrow marks Ghana’s 55th year as a republic after it weaned itself from British colonial rule. The amnesty granted is a yearly activity exercised by the president.

Of the 900, 883 are first-time offenders who showed good behaviour after being sentenced. 14 out of the number who were on death row have also had their sentence reduced to life imprisonment.

A statement from the Interior Minister says the president expects them to be of good behaviour.

In 2013, some 900 prisoners were freed. Some 1104 others also gained their freedom in 2014.

The power to grant amnesty is stipulated under the Prerogative of Mercy in Article 72 of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

Article 72 of the Constitution states that “The president may, acting in consultation with the Council of State: grant to a person convicted of an offence a pardon either free or subject to lawful conditions; or discount low price

b. grant to a person a respite, either indefinite or for a specified period, from the execution of punishment imposed on him for an offence; or

c. substitute a less severe form of punishment for a punishment imposed on a person for an offence; or

d. remit the whole or part of a punishment imposed on a person or of a penalty or forfeiture otherwise due to Government on account on any offence.”


SINGAPORE – Ghanaian woman faces death penalty for possessing narcotics

June 15, 2012 Source :

A 28–year old Ghanaian lady is to face the death penalty if convicted for allegedly possessing narcotic drugs in Singapore. 

The suspect, Nana Boadiwaa Ahenkora, was said to have hidden 2.8 kilogramme of crystal methamphetamine in 12 lead piston nylon bags popularly called Ghana must go. 

She was arrested by the Central Narcotic Bureau of Singapore at the Changi Airport with the drugs.

A source at the Narcotic Control Board who revealed this to the Ghanaian Times in Accra Thursday, said Boadiwaa had been charged with drug trafficking, following her arrest on May 21.

According to the source, she could face death penalty if convicted of the ofence. 

The source said Boadiwaa who departed from Kotoka International Airport (KIA) on May 19 aboard an Emirate Airline, claimed a Custom Officer at KIA facilitated her passage through security checks.

It said on arrival at the Changi Airport, an X-ray detected anomalies in the scanned images of the pistons in her luggage, and when her luggage was opened, the drugs were found hidden in plastic packets, while eight others were found in her possession.